Advisory Council

to Transcendent Leadership Program



Staying clean and clear in our worldly endeavors opens us up optimally to the greater and more subtle aspects of our experiences and learnings in this planetary engagement. 

David Allen
Author, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity
Minister, MSIA, since 1972

Only by mastering yourself can you truly lead. That doesn’t mean being perfect; it means a willingness to embrace your humanity and your divinity in a dance of doing and being. It means letting go of being right or wrong, good or bad. Only then can you step outside the matrix of your learned behavior and reactions and soar in the knowing that spirit takes utter delight in you. Imagine leading from that place.

Leslie Boyer
President, Leslie Boyer Consulting, Inc. 

In my purview, the purpose of love is not to make you happy but to dissolve the blocks that all along had prevented you from experiencing the joy that is always within you. This programme focuses on facilitating your growth as a leader and applying what you learn into your area of influence. 

Marcos Cajina, Ed.D.
Founder and President, Renewal

Ron Hulnick, Ph.D.
President, University of Santa Monica
Co-Author, with Mary Hulnick, Ph.D., Loyalty to Your Soul and Remembering the Light Within.

What exists in great leaders exists in all of us. 

Mike Murphy
Retired Capitalist
Former CEO, Mars Inc.

Creating as a co-creator with God is the essence of transcendent service and leadership and as I take each step I listen for guidance and direction, and this is a vitally enriching process that unfolds, evolves, and continuously refines itself into greater partnership. 

Maritza Del Valle Porcile
Senior Executive President's Team, Herbalife Nutrition
Co-Founder, Cumbre de Lideres, Inc. 

“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.” ―Carl Jung

Rev. Marty Stebbins, Ph.D.
Rector, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

When we flow with Spirit’s direction, available to receiving new information, we are vulnerable and humble to the highest truth for the good of all. 

Leigh Taylor-Young
MSIA Ambassador

We live in a time that invites a greater vision for human possibility. We create in the world according to our understanding of ourselves and of our purpose in life. Transcendent Leadership provides a way to connect to our visionary nature and apply our greater virtue and spiritual depth to solve problems. Some say we live in a prophetic time of transformation and change. Whatever the case, I believe it is a time of opportunity, and that the challenges of these times are meant to call humanity to a new level of evolution. To this end, I invite you to join us in an adventure of self and the possible blessings that we are yet to fulfill. I invite you to engage your being in an exploration of self that is continuous and reveals the truth of life without fear, inspired by Soul and guided by love. Consider that perhaps we are the promise and “a new day and a new dawn” refers to a simple “change of heart.”

Robert Waterman, Ed.D.
Founder and President Emeritus, Southwestern College
President, Quimby Amenti Foundation
Co-Leader, Living the Presence
Author, Eyes Made of Soul: Theory and Practice of Noetic Balancing

Our Spiritual Director

All the blessings are present and prepared for us especially as we choose back into our true nature. 

John Morton, DSS
Spiritual Director, Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA)
President, John Morton Ministries
Author, The Blessings Already Are and You are the Blessings.