Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be INVOLVED WITH MSIA or on MSIA discourses to enroll in this program? 

No, you do not. As a seminary program we will incorporate some of MSIA's texts into the curriculum, but further involvement with MSIA is not required or expected. John-Roger's work will be explored along with books from many leaders, teachers, and scholars. One requirement of the program for all students and faculty is to read Years 1 and 2 of MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses over the course of the two-year program for informational purposes.

is rigorous academic writing required in this program? 

The level of scholarship and academic rigor is up to each participant. Students doing the program for a Certificate of Completion (COC) may write brief reflective papers. Students doing the program for the MSS will be required to write their papers in an academic manner that contextualizes their thinking with existing published ideas on the topic.

Each class provides the opportunity to take thinking and writing to whatever level the student chooses. Members of the faculty and some MSS students are here specifically because they are excited to do scholarship and write papers that contextualize John-Roger's texts formally with published writing of with other spiritual teachers, philosophers, and scholars. Many of our students are here primarily for the spiritual connection and do not intend to write academic papers. Both options and many in between are available to you.

How much reading and writing is required in the program?

Faculty teaching each course will provide assignments specific to that course. On average, courses may require 3-5 books, any number of short written reflective repsonses to the course materials, and 1 or 2 longer papers. The length, style, and depth of thought for each assignemnt can be influenced by the student's choice to earn a Certificate of Completion or an MSS in Transcendent Leadership.

How much time will the program take in between the residencies?

Students can assume that they can put in up to 20 hours per week focused on this program. As a program designed specifically to be integrative with our lives, this work will include things you are already doing as you carry out your own life. For example: demonstrating and mastering transcendent leadership in your community (family, neighborhood, work, church, or other community); focusing on your personal spiritual practice; reading books that are focused on bringing greater Light and effectiveness to our social and relational experiences; and so on.

Do I have to live in California? How often do I have to come to California? 

The Transcendent Leadership Program is designed to be carried out from wherever you live. As a highly interactive program, students and faculty will be engaged and connected on a daily basis through online technology, including the PTS Wisdom social learning platform (which uses Moodle technology) and internet-based video conferencing (using Zoom technology).

New students and faculty come together before the program begins in August for a six-day orientation in Santa Monica, CA.

Once in the program, students and faculty come together for a five-day Fall residency in October and a five-day Spring Residency in March. These are also held in Santa Monica, CA. All other work is carried out from wherever you are located.

How much does the program cost? 

For students enrolling in the first cohort, which begins with orientation in Santa Monica on August 20, 2018, there is a reduced tuition of $1575.00 per semester.

Details about the tuition and fees can be found here.