Our Essence

OF the PTS Transcendent Leadership Program


Purpose/Intention of the Program

The intention for the Transcendent Leadership program is to awaken the transcendent leader in each of us by focusing on a direct experience of spirit, practicing being spirit- or soul-led, and living with an intentional focus on presence, living love, and a growing awareness of the divinity of the soul and transcendence—what we call transcendent leadership consciousness. With a focus on enhancing awareness of soul or spirit, we aim to develop proficiency in bringing our presence and actions into alignment and harmony with our spiritual purpose and understanding. This focus opens and facilitates our ability to lead, not from the personality, but as instruments of spirit’s purpose.

Like other programs in J-R’s organizations, the program facilitates an ongoing connection among a community of learners (students and faculty) with a variety of opportunities to enhance learning and growth and to support us in our own direct experience of divinity and living love.  

The foundation of this program is those spiritual truths that have been presented through the teachings of John-Roger through soul awareness discourses and other materials. The TL program adds another dimension to the PTS experience through profound coursework that highlights these universal truths of spirit, connecting the knowledge that was shared by John-Roger with the works of others throughout time and across cultures and traditions, in ways that are personal, practical, and scholarly. Among these universal teachings are a commitment to following spirit’s direction, seeing the divinity in all, trusting the perfection of all, and living love.

The TL faculty share the perspective that all of the J-R programs and organizations present paths that hold an intention for the same end goals—personal and soul transcendence. The individual emphasis within each path differs, which creates an amazing bounty of ways for people to connect, in as many ways as they want to, in the ways that speak to them and call to their hearts. Our work in MSIA and PTS is to make the teachings available to those who are looking for them; the TL faculty hold as our work sharing these spiritual truths in an open, integrative, and scholarly way. 


Everyone! We believe that every one of us is a leader—we each lead by modeling or demonstrating our own values and beliefs. 

Those who currently or plan to serve in a leadership role in a business, organization, family, or community setting can focus on ways to integrate their spiritual beliefs with their work, building a transcendent leadership culture in the workplace, home, community, and so on. 

Those who have been in MSIA for many years and those who are brand new to MSIA will be supported in their personal process and experience of building greater attunement to spirit’s direction. 

Anyone can benefit from the program, which supports us as we work in any setting to align and harmonize our actions and presence with our awareness of divinity and soul. 



The TL program does not have specific prerequisites. This means that it is open to everyone. Someone new to MSIA and PTS or someone involved for many years will find value in this program, which is designed to support each of us as we reflect on where we are in our own awareness about transcendent leadership and move forward/upward in our growth and learning. 

Students and faculty in the program will be actively engaged with MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses, Years 1 and 2, as part of the TL Curriculum. This will require an active subscription to discourses (or SATs if past discourse #144). Accepted students who are new to MSIA will be subscribed to discourses upon enrolling in the program. Further engagement with MSIA, such as seeking initiation or ministry, is not expected or required.  

Those who hold a bachelor's degree can earn the MSS in Transcendent Leadership. Those without a bachelor's degree can earn a certificate of completion. Courses and requirements are the same in either case, though the actual requirements for completing written homework may vary. 

In reviewing applications, the faculty are looking for applicants to the program who demonstrate: [1] a commitment to personal learning and growth through actively practicing those things that open our hearts and communicate our living love; [2] dedication to spiritual learning and growth through a meaningful and active spiritual practice or understanding, whatever that is for you; and [3] an interest in intellectual or scholarly learning and growth through reading and writing about soul- or spirit-led leadership. 

What is involved? / How does it work?

This program is considered a distance learning program that uses blended learning methods to create and support an engaged and dynamic cohort-learning experience. The majority of the work is done in one's own place of residence or from anywhere in the world you may be. There is one in-person orientation immediately prior to the student’s first semester of enrollment and one in-person residency about mid-way through each semester.

The program uses a dynamic blended-learning model, which includes:

  • highly interactive online discussions and learning experiences where students and faculty are connected in dialogue throughout the semester (these activities are called asynchronous, as they allow each learner to participate in her or his own timing and location);
  • regularly scheduled video conference calls with the faculty and cohort (these activities are called synchronous, as all participants are connected at the same time using internet technology); and
  • small group work through a Transcendent Leader Circle (these may be face to face or use internet-based video conferencing technology).  

The program utilizes cohort-based learning to ensure student success and connection. It is designed specifically to build loving, supportive community among the participants—students and faculty. It is highly engaged and interactive.

Residential Requirements

  • 6-day orientation in August of the year you start the program (for the 2018-2019 academic year, that is August 20-25, 2018) in Santa Monica CA (at 2101 Wilshire)
  • 5-day residency in October every fall you are enrolled (for 2018-2019 that is October 31 - Nov 4, 2018)
  • 5-day residency in March every spring you are enrolled (for 2018-2019 that is March 27-31, 2019)


The program is a graduate-level (master's) academic program that requires reading books and articles by a variety of different writers with a focus on loving, spirit, and leadership. It requires writing papers as well as completing other applied activities. The program is academic in a creative and personally meaningful way. Students may find that the spiritual transcendent work begins as soon as the choice is made to apply to the program, and calls you forward to your greatest level of intention, commitment, and devotion to your soul’s journey. All coursework and assignments are chosen to provide a deep and meaningful connection to one's own growth, learning, and transcendent journey. 

Students can expect this program to take up to 20 hours per week of their time; this includes all reading, writing, thinking, discussion, cohort calls, and so on. It’s designed to be the kind of learning that is easily integrated into one’s current life and work. And of course, except for the residency in Santa Monica each semester, it is all done from wherever you are at the moment. 
Cost of the Program:

For the first cohort—the class of students who will enroll in the fall 2018 semester—we are offering a half-price tuition. We are doing this to ensure that we have a strong, enthusiastic,  powerful cohort for the first offering. The faculty have a lot of experience behind us in creating new programs and one thing we know is that the first cohort of a new program has a powerful role in co-creating the program with the faculty. We want you there!

For the first class—those enrolling to begin August 2018 the tuition is $1575 per semester (times 4 semesters—$6300 total).


Details and Application Process

Go to www.transcendentleader.org for the full curriculum, faculty information, calendar, and tuition. 

To apply go to www.transcendentleader.org and click on the application button at the bottom of every page, including this one. 

In order to support our community and Spirit's timing, we will continue accepting applications as late as we can, with the understanding that attendance at orientation in Santa Monica CA August 20-25 is required.  

You may contact us at transcendentleader@pts.org or call Joanie at (323) 328-1955.