Transcendent Leadership in Joyful Presence, By the Transcendent Leadership Students and Faculty [Reflections and Photos of the Fall 2018 Residency in California]

By: Transcendent Leadership Students and Faculty

This article was collaboratively written by members of the Transcendent Leadership Cohort and Faculty.

The first cohort of PTS’s new MSS program in Transcendent Leadership spent five days together in California this November (2018). Our beautiful cohort gathered from around the US, Canada, South America, France, and Australia to connect in the sacred and powerful energy of this program that is designed to produce a collaborative and supportive learning experience.

These once-a-semester residencies, where the TL cohort and faculty come together, are part of a “blended learning” approach which also includes numerous opportunities to meet and learn together every day from our own homes. Through the PTS Wisdom Moodle site, we share our journey through written story, reflection, learning, and support. We have a live Solarium Space that is open twice a day, every day, where we can come together via Zoom (video conference) to call in the Light and do spiritual exercises (s.e.’s). Once a month the entire cohort and faculty have an online video Cohort Connection Call, where each of us shares our present experience of manifesting divine wisdom as we live and lead through Soul Transcendence. These connections are magical and provide an intense and meaningful connection as a spiritual learning cohort throughout the program. They also build anticipation toward our time together in person.

Gathering together in California is a blessing of this anticipation being met with joy, loving, gratitude, awareness, attunement, and continuing deep connection! We get to see and hug each other as we continue our attunement to the divinity in and around us and collectively focus on living and leading our lives through greater outer expression of Soul Transcendence. It feels as though we were never apart and at the same time, it feels like the most beloved reunion we could experience.

Soft, sensitive, loving permeates our presence with each other.

An end comment from one of our sweet heart’s rang true for many of us: “We were whirling dervishes all week.” The presence of higher beings assisting us was a beautiful part of the experience during our wonderful grace-filled time! The Traveler is committed to us. His working with us for long hours is appreciated.

At our Transcendent Leadership 2018 Fall Residency the blessings were abundant. Our faculty prepared a full agenda of learning through presence, experience, activities, speakers, and reflection over five days together. We divided our time between the comfy and intimate Palisades room at MSIA’s building in Santa Monica, and the three beautiful buildings on West Adams that make up the campus of PTS and MSIA–Prana, Prana West, and Briggs.

We had three opportunities to share with our Beloved Traveler, John Morton, including a front-row invitation to attend John’s sharing with the IHOP class. Thank you to Paul and all of the IHOP participants for your gracious welcome. We were also gifted with a beautiful presentation on spiritual attunement to the presence of God by Leigh Taylor-Young Morton.

Other guest speakers included Marcos Cajina, Ed.D., on Compassion and Leadership; David Stern, Ph.D. on Harmony, Balance, and Leadership; Charlie Verge, Ph.D. on Internal Family Systems; and TL Faculty member Andree Leighton, Ph.D., on Scholarly Goodness.

Over the course of the week, each of the students gave a presentation on a transcendent leader who inspires them. We were blessed to learn about many individuals who have lived a life that follows Spirit’s divine wisdom and who used their time on this planet to reach many with messages of loving, caring, and the highest good.

The TL faculty held sessions regarding the three Fall courses for the program: Awareness, Attunement, and Alignment; Loving, the Master Key to Transcendent Leadership; and Multidimensional Consciousness. Faculty members who will teach the three courses in the Spring semester also provided students with a brief introduction to their class topics: The Light in the Shadow; Transcendent Leadership through Story, Myth, and Archetype; and Organization and Community Culture and Consciousness.

The curriculum is varied. The students’ focus is lasered. Most of the students are seasoned in their professions, working full-time in their careers with professional and personal obligations clamoring for their attention. Structure is key in order to keep current with studies throughout the semester. During our time together there is nothing else to distract as we fully focus on the journey of manifesting transcendent leader consciousness–living a life of Soul Transcendence.

There is a deep experience of coming into One Accord over the course of the semester that was deepened while we were together. As that note was sounded in the group, the awareness of the transcendent leader in each of us was further awakened. As one member of the cohort shared, “The Fall Residency was like entering a time-transport machine wherein my bits and parts were disassembled and then restored as myself vibrating at a higher frequency of awareness and loving. This attuning happened several times throughout our five days. The cohort became The One, an integrated group of transcendent leaders.”

Spirit leads the class, taking us where it wants to go. One student said, “This is magical, mysterious and enlivening!” “Holy Wow!” is how another described her experience unfolding as a TL Spiritual Cohort student.

There is intimacy, bonding, and deep sharing with cohort members and faculty, and support at the highest levels for our learning, upliftment, and growth. From a cohort member: “Everyone and everything in my past experience has led me to say YES and choose all-in to this newest PTS master’s program in Transcendent Leadership. My heart is full of gratitude. My awareness and presence of Spirit within me — beaconing and guiding my expressions and increasing immersion into the work of the program and process — is blessed with grace, ease, and enthusiasm. All I can say is thank you to John Morton, Leigh, Joanie, the TL Faculty, PTS, John-Roger, and Spirit for bringing the Transcendent Leadership program forward and including me! God is blessing us all!”

Photos from the Fall 2018 Transcendent Leadership Residency

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