Program Length

Transcendent Leadership is a two-year, cohort-based graduate program. The full-time program consists of 9 semester hours for each of four consecutive 16-week semesters. Each semester includes three courses co-facilitated by two members of the TL faculty. 36 semester hours are required to graduate with the Master of Spiritual Science degree or Certificate of Completion from Peace Theological Seminary. 

Residency Requirements

Each fall a new cohort of around 20 students is admitted to the Transcendent Leadership program. The cohort begins with a required six-day orientation held in our campus buildings in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California. Orientation takes place in August immediately prior to the start of the first semester. 

Students carry out the program from their home communities. Throughout each semester students are engaged in an active learning community with faculty and a cohort of peers using video conferencing and an online social-learning platform.

A required five-day residency takes place during the ninth week of each semester, at the end of October and end of March.

Admission Requirements

A completed bachelor’s degree is required to earn the MSS degree. Qualifying students without a bachelor’s degree may complete the program for a Certificate of Completion.

Being a current student of MSIA or PTS is not required to enroll in the program. 

Reading assignments in the TL Program include a wide-range of leaders, scholars, philosophers, and spiritual teachers, including a specific reading assignment of years 1 and 2 of MSIA’s Soul Awareness Discourses, carried out over the two-year program. This will require an active subscription to the discourses through MSIA while enrolled. 

Tuition and Fees


$350 per credit hour.

A 25% tuition discount will be applied for students who enroll in the Fall of 2019. This discount is in place at this time while PTS is offering this two year program for the first time (the class enrolled from 2018-2020). Students during these first years will be highly influential on the creation and polishing of the program design.

For those students who enroll in the Fall 2019 semester, the tuition with this discount will be $263 per credit hour. This rate will remain in place during the 2019-20, 2020-21 academic years for those students who enroll in Fall 2019 and remain continuously enrolled with the cohort through graduation in the spring of 2021.


$50 application fee (non-refundable).
$100 registration fee (non-refundable; applied to tuition).
$175 orientation residency fee (orientation and fee are required once when beginning the program).
$125 semester residency fee (residencies and fees are required each of four semesters of enrollment).
$90 graduation fee for those seeking the MSS degree.
$50 completion fee for those seeking the certificate of completion.

For Those Enrolling in the Fall 2019 Cohort
Total Program Cost to the Student, for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021

Tuition      $9,468
Fees               $815
Total      $10,283

Expenses for the student will also include study materials as well as paying for your own travel, lodging, and food to attend five residencies in Santa Monica, California (five times in two years).