Transcendent Leadership Program


The faculty of the Transcendent Leadership Program are joyfully co-creating for you a curriculum that invites us to more deeply awaken to spiritual and soul awareness. Our intention for the program is to explore what it means to each of us to apply spiritual awareness with our loving, peaceful heart in our daily lives--that is the transcendent leader. 

Transcendent leadership is living love and taking action from that place of loving, with kindness, caring, and understanding of the growth and learning that comes with each breath.

We are each experiencing this beautiful energy of transcendent leadership consciousness as we prepare to team-teach the courses. We invite you to join us and let’s see what we all bring forward with spirit. 





Ph.D., US Literature and Culture, Union Institute and University, 2008; MA, Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica; BA, Humanities: Arts and Letters, Prescott College.

Joanie’s leadership experience emerged in what she thinks of as an accidental academic career that began when she was registrar for PTS in the 1980s and chose to follow her heart and participate in a transformative graduate program in spiritual psychology. A very personal choice led to a 25 year career in higher education. Joanie always described her leadership work as cheerleader, knowing that her calling and greatest skill was that of champion of the faculty in a cooperative, collaborative process of program and curriculum development. Building teams that not only respected and listened to each other, but also loved and valued each other and their collaborative journey, has been a great joy for those involved. Joan served as the director of graduate studies at Prescott College for 20 years where her curriculum development work also included serving for more than ten years as chair of the M.A. program in humanities, and co-creating with her colleagues a Ph.D. program in sustainability education and a master of arts program in social justice and human rights.

Joanie has also taught in graduate programs since 1993. In addition to her teaching in the TL program, she continues to advise master’s and doctoral students. Joanie’s research and teaching expertise is in literature, culture, and writing, as well as leadership, social justice, and sustainability. She has infused all of her work with an awareness and examination of love as an action and a way of being. While a graduate student herself, Joanie fell in love with the breadth and depth and possibility of inquiry and research, and continues to teach graduate students critical and conscious approaches to research design and methods. In addition to teaching at Prescott College, Joanie has served in adjunct roles with the University of Santa Monica (as a reader) and Insight University.

Joanie recently made the decision to retire from her work in higher education, and her first retirement (ad)venture was to come to PTS to bring together yet another spectacularly gifted team of faculty to create and facilitate the new master’s degree program in transcendent leadership.


“A Pedagogy of Love.” The Journal of Sustainability Education. Prescott College, Prescott, AZ. March 2015.

Guest editor. Sustainability: What’s Love Got to Do with It? The Journal of Sustainability Education, Prescott College, 2015.

“I see leadership as modeling a particular way of being. Sometimes we’re conscious of our choices about what we model; sometimes not so much. In the Transcendent Leadership Program we are creating a movement toward modeling an intentional way of being that honors the divine in each of us and acts accordingly.” –Joanie Clingan


Gregory Stebbins, Ed.D., Program VisionarY

Ed.D., Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University, 1985; MBA, Finance, University of Southern California; BS, Business, California Polytechnic University.

Dr. Stebbins has over three decades of experience coaching emerging and senior leaders. His leadership research is focused on a leader’s awareness, commitment, integrity, and authenticity which are directly shaped by their internal landscape (the habits of thought, emotion, imagination, and action).

Dr. Stebbins’s senior business leadership experience is combined with his in-depth understanding of the complex human dynamics found in a working environment. He is a member of the Consulting Psychologist division of the American Psychological Association. He was selected to be a member of Forbes Coaching Council and LinkedIn’s ProFinder for executive coaching. Dr. Stebbins has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World for three decades.

Dr. Stebbins was the co-creator of Insight University, which offered a doctoral degree in Transformational Leadership. He has been a guest lecturer at the UCLA and USC schools of business. In 1989 he founded a company now called PeopleSavvy and serves as a Master Coach. Dr. Stebbins has an ongoing meditation practice that spans five decades.

Recent Publications:
Leadership Demands Multidimensional Awareness – Forbes
Six Keys to Transcendent Leadership – Forbes
Loving Leadership: Why It’s Time To Start Genuinely Caring For Your Team – Forbes
To Be Or Not To Be? That’s A Leadership Question – Forbes
Self-Compassion – The Doorway to Wise Leadership – Stanford School of Medicine Compassion Journal
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“For the transcendent leader being and doing are distinct but inseparable. Actions imply that they are connected to something. That something is being. Being leads doing.” –Greg Stebbins


Andrée Leighton, PH.D.

Ph.D., Political Science, Temple University 1998; BA, Political Science and Spanish, Cabrini University.

Andrée has been joyfully teaching political science, philosophy, and humanities courses to undergraduates and adult learners for almost thirty years. She has worked extensively with a variety of academic learning communities, leadership teams, and advisory councils. She has also mentored undergraduate research about women’s leadership during the American Revolution and artistic projects exploring how social change happens. Andrée is tremendously grateful for her spiritual practice and loves coming together with people to share and amplify the experience of love, truth, and goodness that comes from Spirit.

“One way of relating to transcendent leadership is that it comes from our being — how we be with ourselves and each other in all the contexts and roles and situations we find ourselves in. When we come together in love and let Spirit lead, we lift. It’s a natural process — and it doesn’t just happen. There is work involved. It is good work. Let’s learn and grow together as transcendent leaders.” – Andrée Leighton



Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Temple University, 2017; MA, Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica; BA, Political Science, History, & Spanish, University of Miami.


Barney Singer, JD

JD, School of Law, Case Western Reserve University, 1986; MA, Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica; BS, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.

A social change leader with more than 30 years of multi-disciplinary experience in the public and private sectors, Barney Singer currently serves as Director of the Leadership and Capacity Development Programs Division for FHI 360, an international nonprofit organization working on public health, education, social development and behavior change programs in the U.S. and developing countries around the world. Mr. Singer oversees the development, design and implementation of health services research, civil society, behavior change, and capacity building initiatives that have empowered civil society leaders in 55 countries.

Mr. Singer is also a Senior Technical Advisor on FHI 360’s SCALE+ methodology, a systems-integration approach for multi-sectoral programming to heighten development impacts. He oversees a portfolio of programs valued at more than $300 million, for which he ensures compliance with U.S. Agency for International Development, Department of State and foundation policies and regulations.

From 2010 to 2014, Mr. Singer served as an adjunct professor on the faculty of The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, developing and teaching a graduate-level course on Civil Society and Development. From 2011 to 2017, he served on the faculty of Insight University to design and teach Law and Ethics in Leadership in the doctoral program. Mr. Singer is a seasoned leader with advanced degrees in both law and psychology. His technical experience includes social marketing and behavior change methodologies, strategic communications, change management, organizational development, substance abuse prevention and addiction, HIV/AIDS and co-occurring disorders, community mobilization and engagement, and youth issues. Mr. Singer brings a unitive consciousness to the design and implementation of programs in the U.S. and internationally, based in part of Transcendent Leadership.

Select Publications:
Capacity Development Interventions Guide: A Manual for Program Designers. FHI 360, Executive Editor, 2018.
The Kellogg Southern Africa Leadership Programme: A Legacy of Leadership. FHI 360, Executive Editor, 2014.
Bridge Media: Connecting Conflicted Communities. AED, Executive Producer, 2008.

“We have the opportunity to support ourselves and each other to transcend current circumstances and habits of mind that limit us in this world. What greater gift could we embrace than a new way of being?” – Barney Singer



David Bransky, M.Ed.

M.Ed., Counselor Education, University of Pittsburgh, 1971; DSS Spiritual Science and MSS Spiritual Science, Peace Theological Seminary; M.A. Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica; B.A., Biology, Washington and Jefferson College.

Over the last three decades, David has served in leadership positions including co-directing the Youth and Family Department for Insight Seminars, directing the Outward Bound School in Southern California, and most recently as an administrator at Ventura College. As a consultant, he focused on forging youth-adult partnerships for the betterment of communities and bringing servant-leadership principles and practices into corporate and community-serving organizations. David worked with the CEO and leadership of the Corporation for National Service in designing and directing three aspects of the launch of AmeriCorps and Learn & Serve, designed and facilitated leadership training for the upcoming tier of leaders for the National Council of Negro Women, and designed and facilitated training to forge youth-adult partnerships for the National 4-H Council. Additionally, he was an adjunct faculty member for the Advanced Management/School Management Program at UCLA, training faculty in experiential education pedagogy and methodology.

David has facilitated a wide range of programs and trainings for Peace Theological Seminary, Insight Seminars, and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness over the past 33 years, including the Masters and Doctoral programs in Spiritual Science. He loves working with groups of people in the action of bringing in spirit, and bringing out enthusiasm and inspired creativity and in participating in the lifting, joy, and laughter that come forward in that action. 


David Whitaker, MFA

MFA, University of California Los Angeles, 2013; MA, Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing, University of Santa Monica; BA, Art Practice, BA, Anthropology, University of California Berkeley.

MFA, University of California Los Angeles, 2013; MA, Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing, University of Santa Monica; BA, Art Practice, BA, Anthropology, University of California Berkeley.

For David Whitaker, life is all about the people. Collaboration, connection, and communication are the hallmarks of his artistic practice. In graduate school, David used his art studio as a space for connecting to his heart and allowing that energy to guide him in his creation of pottery and writing. The results were two-fold: a project of giving and gratitude entitled, A Cup and A Letter for Everyone I Know and an educational project called, Your Art Is Yours.

After graduating from UCLA, David has continued to work with artists in both formal and informal contexts, leading groups in galleries, studios, cafes, and homes to support emerging artists in identifying and creating the work that is most vital for them.

David strives to follow spirit in his life each day, taking a practical approach to spirituality, one that is a balance of inner exploration and outer action. The bottom line? Doing what works and letting go of everything else.

“Transcendent leadership is the awakening of the transcendent leader in each one of us and then asking, ‘Now what?’” –David Whitaker


Jeffrey Morgan, JD

JD, Certificate in International Legal Studies, McGeorge School of Law, 2011; BA, Philosophy, BA, English Literature, University of the Pacific.

As an attorney in the emerging field of Integrative Law, Jeffrey has advised a variety of clients in software development, consumer electronics, entertainment, emerging technologies, and graphic design. Jeffrey’s spiritual practice has always been the focal point of his life, and, as an attorney, he works to bring holistic value to his clients through the consciousness and inner awareness that he continues to cultivate. Integrating the holistic focus of practical spirituality into the highest level of professional service has become a major focus of Jeffrey’s professional career.

Jeffrey has the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors and as General Counsel of Insight Seminars, an educational non-profit devoted to heart-centered, personal growth education.

“I am here to grow and learn about Transcendent Leadership with you, a leadership that sources from the absolute center of Truth within us and can permeate every aspect of how we think, listen, reflect, communicate, and grow. In my experience, Transcendent Leadership starts from within me: peace begins with me, awareness begins with me, and this journey of transcendence begins with me right here in this most perfect Now.” –Jeffrey Morgan


James Stratigakes, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Professional School of Psychological Studies, 1988; MA, Special Education, Northeastern Illinois University; BA, Sociology, University of Illinois.

Jim holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed psychologist. He has maintained a successful private practice in Nevada City, CA, since 1994, applying the principles of spiritual psychology. Jim brings wisdom and humor to his work as he supports his clients in aligning with the joy, peace and loving within themselves.  He served on the faculty of The University of Santa Monica for 10 years. 

Jim has been a student of the teachings of Soul Transcendence since 1979.  He has been marrying with his wife Rosanne since 1982.  Together they have raised two sons.

"My experience of transcendent leadership is that it is a process of learning to love God, myself,  others and everything with all my heart.  From this place of loving, I take care of myself and serve others." - Jim Stratigakes


Karen Faherty Rosen, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Health Psychology, Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, 1996; MSS Spiritual Science, Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy; MA Applied Psychology, University of Santa Monica; BA, English, University of Pennsylvania. 

Throughout the past 30 plus years of spiritual practice and work, Karen Faherty Rosen has developed a passion for tracking the spirit, riding its currents and letting the wisdom and the heart of spirit infuse her life and work. As a lifelong learner, Karen’s professional role as a psychologist has served as a container for growth, development, and healing. She has witnessed and integrated an abundance of wisdom and knowledge from many disciplines including human development, social psychology and trauma, neurocognitive sciences, and health and eco-psychology. Through her on-going work in the community and in private practice, Karen continues refining the crafts of counseling, coaching, and education for self healing and transformation of consciousness.

Karen’s formal leadership training came through Insight University’s doctoral program in Transformational Leadership. She is aware of leadership arising in reflexive response to the presence and present moment as an expression of love having its way. As an educator, Karen holds space for love’s emergence, and does her best to discern, choose, and live in resonance, in synchrony, and in harmony with this while maintaining her focus on health, well-being, and service for the highest good. Karen looks for joy, humor, and play in the expression of leadership; she finds fulfillment in collaboration, creativity, and shared depths of intimacy.


Lili Goodman Freitas, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Folklore-Folklife, University of Pennsylvania, 1990; DSS, Spiritual Science, Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy; MA, Applied Psychology, University of Santa Monica; MSSA, Social Work, Social Science Administration, Case Western Reserve University; BA, Psychology, Wesleyan University.

Lili has three decades of experience teaching and leading in academia, inspiring students and faculty to cultivate greater expressions of acceptance, loving, peace, authenticity, and compassion. She served as the former chair of the Psychology and Consciousness program as well chair for the Department of Liberal Arts at John F. Kennedy University, and was on faculty at University of Santa Monica for over 25 years where she taught in the Counseling Psychology program and the M.A. program in Spiritual Psychology. While at USM, she co-created and co-facilitated the Soul Centered Leadership Certificate with Dr. Ron Hulnick, and co-created the Consciousness, Health, and Healing curriculum with Dr. Mary Hulnick and Dr. Marya Foley. She’s served as doctoral faculty, Director of Student Evaluation, and the Dissertation Director of Meridian University in Petaluma, California.

Lili has a strong commitment to community and international service. She has been a Rotarian for over 16 years, having led initiatives for the Rotary Youth Exchange programs, Ambassadorial Scholars, Rotary Friendship Exchange, and is the 2016 Recipient of the Citation for Meritorious Service from the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation for her leadership with the Rotary District 5130 Peace Fellows Committee for over 7 years.

“I see transcendent leadership as a practice of catalyzing and serving others from a loving consciousness. It is the cultivation and expression of a way of being that springs forth from an attunement to the internal wellspring of God’s loving, and calls others forward to greater levels of awareness, participation, momentum, and love.” –Lili Goodman Freitas


Linda Whitaker, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Professional School of Psychological Studies, 1988; MA, Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica; M.Ed. Organization and Human Resource and Development, University of Vermont; BA, English, University of Vermont.

Linda Whitaker has been a faculty member of the University of Santa Monica since 1983 and, in that capacity, was part of creating and implementing the Counseling Psychology Program in 1992. She participated in the design and co-facilitation of four Counseling Psychology courses: Values, Laws, and Ethics for the Professional Counselor, Counseling Children and Adolescents, Spiritual Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling, and Spiritual Psychology and Group Process.

In her practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California, Linda has counseled individuals, couples, and families, assisting them in creating more positive and uplifting life experiences. She has also worked as an elementary school guidance counselor and classroom teacher, and, during that time, assisted her school in receiving its International Baccalaureate authorization.

As a consultant both in education and business, Dr. Whitaker has worked with crisis intervention and stress management with Lockheed Martin and with teachers in the Palmdale School District to promote positive self-esteem in the classroom. She has also been an EAP evaluator with Value Behavioral Health, Blue Cross, and National Resource Consultants. As a faculty member at Chapman University, Linda supervised student teachers in the Palmdale Public School system.

At this time, she is delighted to be part of the PTS Transcendent Leadership faculty.

“There is a place I am in consciousness when I surrender to being fully present. There is a shift in energy, a feeling of fullness, of openness to greater awareness, intuition, and direct knowing. In this place, which I call grace, I am aware of my connection with spirit. Words come present without thinking. It’s a quiet place, and full of energy. The work of transcendent leadership happens in this place of peace and loving.” – Linda Whitaker